Thursday, October 15, 2009

Follow-up On Jesus and the Antichrist

I realize that it's possible the video is a hoax (but search on for "did Jesus name the antichrist?" and there is also a new updated version, "confirmed by a Jewish rabbi"), but many sincere Christians take this stuff way too seriously to start with. Look at how many people took The da Vinci Code seriously, and that even admits to being a work of fiction. Thus it is incumbent on Christians who know better to provide some corrective on this kind of silliness.

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Amy said...

I recently was shown a piece on Youtube that found a "secret code" in the names listed in the generations from Adam to Noah. This man found the meanings of each name, and then read them all off in a sentence. It wasn't a bad sentence- it basically came to the Gospel.
It was amazing how it flowed in English, considering the Bible wasn't written in English.
I'm not sure why God would have wanted to hide the Gospel message in a secret code, when the Bible just comes out and SAYS it, all through the Scriptures.
I suppose He COULD have, but people have enough trouble taking in and trusting the plain Word of God, I don't quite understand why God would write secret codes for people to think themselves silly over.