Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uncle Ben's Book Blog: The Church of God, Stuart Robinson

This is an update on yesterday's post. Two things to note. First, the book is in print thanks to the CE Committee of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, in a nicely done hardback. It was completely re-typeset, so it is not a simple reprint. It is available for $10.00 (postage included) from the OPC website: www.opc.org. The GPTS bookstore also has a number of copies on hand.

Second, it should be noted that Robinson is not a great English stylist. That's a nice way of saying that his English is sometimes clumsy. But he does have the benefits of both clarity and consistency, which are much to be preferred to great English style that lacks either.

Again, the book is highly recommended, both for those with low views of the church, and for those with high, but loosely founded, views of the church.

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