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Review of Revelation, Alun Ebenezer, EP Books, 2012

A man in a Bible study I lead once told me that a (former) pastor of our church had recommended G. K. Beale’s commentary on Revelation to him. I understand why this pastor recommended Beale. This pastor was a young man, just out of seminary, headed for a Ph.D. program in theology, and very zealous in his learning. However, in recommending Beale, he didn’t consider the audience he was recommending Beale to. This man is not a learned theologian. He has no familiarity with the biblical languages. So, while Beale’s is a very fine commentary on Revelation, it was not the right commentary for this man.

Now I have a commentary on Revelation that I can recommend to this man. It is intended for the beginner. It is basic. It is clear. It is well-written. Ebenezer’s illustrations are apt. He takes something of a mixed approach to the book, which he explains in the introduction, then again in the appendix. He takes care to explain the major figures and images in Revelation, as well as drawing attention to allusions to the Old Testament. He is also concerned to apply the book to his reader.

For its intended audience, this is an excellent commentary on Revelation. It will provide the reader with a solid grasp of the overall meaning of the book, as well as giving the reader solid guidance for the individual parts of the book. I would also recommend it to seasoned scholars, again, for Ebenezer’s grasp of the message of the book.

Revelation is a book that is both an encouragement to the saints, and an evangelistic tract. Ebenezer’s commentary brings both these elements out in a very useful commentary.

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