Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 Chronicles 7-8; Luke 5:17-39

1 Chronicles 7-8

Chapter 7 completes the genealogical information on the tribes that settled Palestine proper. Among other things it shows that Naphtali almost disappeared. Chapter 8 repeats some of the Benjaminite genealogy, focusing on the line of Saul. This chapter also begins the brief account that Chronicles gives of the reign of Saul. Though the author obviously considered this material essential, he is much more concerned with David, the first king of the Davidic messianic dynasty.

Luke 5:17-39

The healing of the leper that immediately precedes this section links with the ministry of Elisha and the healing of Naaman (2 Kgs 5). This section itself shows that Jesus is greater than the greatest prophets. He heals a paralytic, he calls his own disciples, and he shows himself the successor to, and preeminent over, John the Baptist.

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