Saturday, May 30, 2009

Uncle Ben's Book Blog:The Temple and the Church's Mission

I've also started reading G. K. Beale's The Temple and the Church's Mission for a book discussion group meeting at Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC on Thursdays this summer. We will be covering about two chapters per week, so we'll be done by the middle of July.

First Impression: A useful book, but perhaps given to over-interpretation with regard to the significance of various items related to the Old Testament Tabernacle-Temple material.

Related Books: Patrick Fairbairn, Typology. Having read this will give some historical context.
On the Types and Symbols of the Vessels of the Tabernacle and in Solomon's Temple, 1864. Downloaded from Google Books.
Frederick Whitfield, The Tabernacle Priesthood and Offerings of Israel, 1875. Also downloaded from Google Books.

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