Saturday, May 30, 2009

Uncle Ben's Book Blog

Okay. Nobody reads this blog anyway, so this is mostly for my own entertainment, and for self-reminders concerning what I've read. Plus, the two-three people per year who happen by this site might get some help on their reading.

I'm simply going to report on what I'm reading. Some of the posts will be similar to reviews I post on Amazon (under the name otrabbi). But other will simply report on things I find interesting or useful.

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Nicholas T. Batzig said...


I was just about to give ol' Uncle Ben a blog post, on Feeding on Christ, in regard to the Notes on the Bible posts. Keep them coming. I am going to post a link today! Can you change the url link to my blog from to

I would also like to see some Hebrew exegetical nuggets on this blog. I learned a great deal from you. I am studying through a Hebrew grammar presently. Thanks for all your labors.